Campbell-Beaton Family

most early settlers of Campbell's Creek came from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, were Roman Catholic, Gaelic-speaking, and of Scottish origin. Steve and Daniel Campbell (sometimes called Donald), were among those who came from the Western Islands in Scotland to Cape Breton in 1853.

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Murdock & Genevieve

Murdock J. Campbell (1894-1968)

Murdock J. Campbell was born April 9, 1894 in Little River,NL and was the son of John Campbell and Flora MacIsaac. He passed away August 31,1968. He was 74 years old. 
John Campbell and Flora MacIsaac were married in 1879 in Little River,NL. They had 8 children--3 daughters and 5 sons. They were: Mary Jane(1880), Joseph(1884), Neil(1885), Dan(1887), Louis(1892),Murdock(1894),Isobel(), Margaret(1900). 
John Campbell passed away in 1923(73 years old) and Flora passed away in 1941(87 years old).

Rose Catherine Beaton

Rose Catherine Beaton (1916-1993)

Rose Catherine Beaton was born September 14,1916 in Mabou Coal Mines, NS and was the daughter of Hector Beaton and Flora Anne MacIsaac. She passed away August 26,1993. She was 76 years old.

They were married on Feburary 25 ,1936 at Mount Carmel Church in New Waterford, Nova Scotia. Dan Beaton & Margaret MacIsaac were the witnesses.

They had 16 children together (two passed away in early months) plus Murdock had one girl (Genevieve) from his first marriage to Catherine Doucette(NL) who passed away in 1925.

Family Members

Murdock & Rose had 16 children, fourteen who lived into adulthood.

Baby Campbell-- (Female)

Born: May 12,1936

Passed Away: May 12, 1936(Stillborn) (New Waterford, NS)

Raymond Andrew - --

Born: June 12--1937

Passed Away--November 28, 2005 (Saanich, BC)

Rose Ann-- (Toots) Born May 31,1938--

Donald Ralph-

Born: June 23,1939

Passed Away--March 7, 2005 (Toronto, ON)

Winston Murdock--

Born :October 5, 1941

Passed Away --March 26, 2011(Bible Hill, NS)

John Louis-- Born: November 20,1942

Passed Away: December 25, 1942(New Waterford, NS)

Gordon John-- Born: April 8, 1943

Malcolm Joseph-- Born: September 22,1946

Isobel Margaret-- Born: June 16,1948

Hector Neil-- Born: August 1,1950

John Gerard-- Born: November 14, 1951

Louis Anthony--

Born: November 18, 1952

Passed Away: Jan. 5, 2010(Manitouwadge,ON)

Titus Frederick-- Born: January 9,1954

Gerald Lloyd-- Born: October 22, 1955

William Francis (Bill)-- Born: August 2, 1958

Michael Beaton-- Born: May 10.1960


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